Access our Troop Documents

All of our documents are under Google Documents framework.

To get access to the troop's restricted documents, you need a Google Account with your email address as your current email and user ID. If you have not created a Google account yet, you can do this by visiting and completing the brief form. If your current email address (the one that you used to fill out the "Request to join Troop 365 Google Group") is not, please make sure to click on "I prefer to use my current email address" and to use your current email address instead. Note that this is not creating a Gmail account (and you do NOT need a Gmail account for access), but it is merely creating a set of authentication credentials that can be used to access our sites restricted content. It is very important that you use the email address that you signed up with the Troop because that email address is the one that is authenticated.

You must be 13 years old to have a Google account. For scouts that are younger than 13, we can subscribe them to the group so that you will receive email notification, but to access the restricted portions of the site, they will need to have a parent or guardian provide them access through their Google account.

Once you have a Google Account with an email address that matches the address that is a member of the Google group, then you just need to go to, and then "Signin" (there's also a "Signin" at the bottom of our webpage as well) with your email address, you will be able to access our restricted documents and restricted photo albums on the website.

Please note again that a Google Account is NOT a gmail account; it's just an authentication credential that is used to give you access to our restricted documents and photos. If you don't have a gmail account, there's no need to create one to get access.

To access the documents:

a) Login to your Google Account as always if you have not done so.

b) Go to our "Restricted Documents" area by clicking on Documents in your Google Account

Note that the documents on these pages are just the links to the real documents in Google Documents. So they should be the same either through the above web pages or through the Google Documents